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Bad Reviews 10/09/2013
I ordered and paid for a cobbler and they didn't bring it. The fish was bland and the fries were soggy. Andre, ordered 10 times
Bad Reviews 11/16/2012
Worst BBQ I have ever had!!! even were not fully cooked and the mac & cheese had no flavor to it. the beef links were dry (almost burned). I spent too much money on a meal that fell way below expectations. ogo, ordered 12 times
Ok Reviews 04/22/2011
I was really disappointed in the food. I ordered a three-way combo with ribs, links and brisket. The sauce had no kick... tasted like it was mostly seasoned with black pepper... I had to actually add my own store bought bottled bbq sauce... When I order bbq from a restaurant I want the bbq sauce to taste better than what I can buy at the store. The greens and the potato salad also tasted heavily of black pepper. I probably will not order from here again, which is a real shame because it's the only bbq that I can get delivered to my house at this point. :-( Jill, ordered 76 times
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Yelp's Reviews 200 reviews
5-stars for the food. The 3 way combo of Ribs, Fried Fish, & Brisket is a perfect meal to share and the sides are quite good too. 1 star for the fact that... read more...
Posted by Alexander Z. on

I love BBQ This place sucks. The sauce they use is bitter and the quality of the meat is lacking. I got a 4 way combo with brisket, links, chicken and... read more...
Posted by Chris G. on

So I found this place thanks to yelp! We had been looking for a good bbq place to go to since we have been in town so we figured we would give this place a... read more...
Posted by Kendra H. on